E-books rule…who says?

Posted: September 4, 2011 in Posts on books and writing
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I ran a session at the Bridgnorth (England) Music and Arts Festival this week. My topic was ‘E-books vs. Print – Friends or Foes’. Both during the discussion and questions/answers session after my chat about the ‘digital revolution’, I was surprised when several writers there – and readers – wanted to know more about author-published print books than e-books. So – print books matter then…

I’d described my journey in publishing my crime novel TOO SMART TO DIE as an e-book on amazonkindle and in print as a print on demand book (POD) on Lulu.com.  I took my audience through the steps; the importance of writing a good book first, editing, formatting,  uploading your book, etc. Together we looked at the impact of this changing world on readers, writers, publishers, book stores and everyone in between. In fairness in the time we had available we could only look at the headlines – but I felt we hit the spots.

So…from the feedback I got, print is still good and wanted…yet in the USA e-books are overtaking print books at a rapid rate. Here’s the question; will we in the UK, Ireland, Europe go the same way? I’ve got a kindle – I like reading on my kindle – but I still like reading a ‘proper’ book. Is there room for both in the future or am I fence-sitting? Only time will tell.

Anyway, as an author-publisher I’ve decided to offer my books to readers in both e-book and print formats. The reader must decide.

What do you think, want? Print or e-book – or both?


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