The EU is in a mess…help!

Please. Ask your Mum and Dad how did they vote in the ’76 referendum to join the EU. I voted no, I was one of three. Now – we are where we are. PM Cameron – keep out of a family argument. Greece will fail. QE only hits the next generation’s pensions as the value of gilts fall. Let’s help the Germans and the French find a better way to stop going to war with each other – remember that was the starting point of the EU, the raison d’etre. Now we have a bureaucratic nightmare. We must re-negotiate our relationship within the EU – and fast. (Writers – how about a story set in the political maelstrom of a Euro meltdown causing a dollar meltdown!) Btw – Peace.


I came across an excellent article by Chris Brogan (An Author’s Plan for Social Media Efforts – free download) where he gives a list of social media action points for writers. I’ve started doing some but have a long, long way to go. I’m finding too that the more social networking tools I use, the less time I have for writing. In this author publishing world the writer has to acquire a lot more and new skills – and they all eat into your time. Hey ho, I think I’ll have to dig out my time management manual again…

Undertakers make sense….

I’m no economist – I just write crime fiction. But when a friend of mine said, ‘Tom, there are two rules of business.
1. Never run out of money.
2. Never lend money to someone who can’t pay it back.’
I thought about this -I know it’s a dangerous thing to do for a writer, especially one someone who isn’t an economist or a politician. But here are my thoughts anyway.
The EU crisis – Greece won’t pay back her debts – let her go. I was on holiday recently in Corfu – small businesses there want the drachma back. Their great country will get more tourists.
QE (Hey, let’s print more money) – what a mistake. Pension Funds will fall like stones. What a great idea – let future generations live their retirement in poverty.
Right – and sorry – but had to get that off my chest.

Now, SARCOPHAGUS, my latest novel largely set in Ukraine and featuring US agent Sean O’Neill and UK bomb disposal expert Greg Stevvens will be published before Christmas – see my website for details.
Btw my friend – my busineness guy friend – has a great formula for never running out of customers – he’s an undertaker.