Olympics 2012 – what a show! ‘That’s the way you do it’

Congrats Danny Boyle – great opener. History, drama and performance. Feel proud.


Am I seeing things – is it a Flying Pig or a Zeppelin?

Launch of ‘Kinver Zeppelin’ mystery book on Bridge radio for SMARTFEST

Could it possibly have happened? A German Zeppelin airship landing on Kinver Edge in 1916 for emergency repairs during the First World war? That’s the intriguing question I’ll explore with Mark Williams on Bridge radio in discussing my latest publication ‘The Zeppelin of Kinver Edge’, a fictional account of what might have happened on a fateful day during the Great War. Illustrated with pictures of Kinver Edge, the rock houses and well known Kinver village landmarks, this story is a departure from my usual writing – namely modern crime and thriller novels.

I really enjoyed writing this short book. Talking to local people, taking pictures on The Edge and around the village, piecing together what history there was about the incident and Zeppelin airships in general was fascinating – and great fun (not funny at the time when the bombs dropped!). Very different from writing about my Birmingham cop DCI Matt Proctor in ‘TOO SMART TO DIE’ or the Ukrainian mafia in my latest thriller novel ‘SARCOPHAGUS’ where researching the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster was harrowing’.

You can hear my radio interview with Mark Williams on local Bridge radio, 102.5 FM on Fri., 27th July 2.00pm. Also with other local writers I’ll be participating in the forthcoming SMARTFEST  in Stourbridge on Friday 10th August (see website smartfest.org.uk). The ‘Zeppelin’ story and my other books are available from Amazon in print and e-book format and local libraries. I plan to make this photo illustrated story available for tourists and visitors to Kinver’s Holy Austin Rock House. (Hey, you might even meet the ghost of ‘Mad Molly’ there! Sleep well).Image).