A whole new world – or childhood world revisited? Have a look.

 UK Games Expo   Fri. 24th , Sat. 25th ,  Sun. 26th  May 2013, Birmingham

Board of the game called "The Chinamen's ...
Board of the game called “The Chinamen’s game” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m about to enter a whole new world – non electronic multi format hobby games. What’s that all about, you ask?

Board games, card games, their creation, design, publication and competitive play. I stress this exhibition is about non-electronic games – the kind most post thirty plus year olds grew up with.  For example as a young boy I played snakes and ladders, ludo, card games, lexicon, pictogram, etc, then graduated to Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble, and so on. At Christmas time we tried our hands at new games that appeared on the market and were given as presents. Among family and friends, we played competitively then faded as the levels of concentration and competence among the adults declined in direct proportion to the quantity of wine consumed!

But how to come up with an idea for a new board game, develop and test it, publish, produce it?  And what about role playing? I know nothing about this stuff – so what am I doing there?

Well – hey! Anything new, different nudges my curiosity but I’m there because along with a bunch of other writers from UK-based New Writers group, we’ve got a slot at UK GAMES EXPO 2013 talking about e-books, independent publishing and whatever else people might want to chat about. We have a display stand so we’ll take a few of our published books along – the print versions.  (Print books on a table or stand are a lot more eye catching than an open e-reader with a postage stamp book cover on view!). Our session is at 1.30 PM on Sat. 25th May titled as below (I wish!):

“A Kindle Millionaire – Self Publishing for Authors. So you have written a book, what now? How do you go about self publishing and making e-books and how do you get them onto Amazon? Authors Andy Holmes, Tom Bryson, Dave Ebsworth and Fiona Linday will discuss the various approaches and the pitfalls.”

So…we’ll see what happens at UK GAMES EXPO 2013 and I’ll let you know.

UK Games Expo 2012
UK Games Expo 2012 (Photo credit: tim ellis)

As a matter of interest in the USA I understand Origins or Gencon Indy are worth a visit. Anyone been to board games conventions held in the US? Or are computer games finishing off traditional board games? What about the personal social interaction differences between board/card games and e-/computer games? Is the former more family friendly or just olde worlde?

Here’s a link to the website giving full details of the event. Visit the website and have a look at what’s happening. If possible COME ALONG AND JOIN US and we can share what we see, have a ‘go’ at some games.  UK Games Expo

Of course, for anyone who’s already into creating, publishing and playing board games then this will be a great opportunity to see what’s trending, get a handle on the latest developments, maybe become inspired or simply inspire!

Here’s another link to an interesting article by Richard Denning who runs UK Games Expo‘How to get a board game published’  http://news.richarddenning.co.uk/?p=1110

What do you think?