SCARY. Prescience – or what?

When I wrote my thriller SARCOPHAGUS set in Kiev and London, the ‘Orange Revolution’ was raging in Ukraine. In my fictional story, I speculated that groups in opposition to the government might well continue their fight at some point in the future. Imagine my shock as I now watch on television news, police and demonstrators clash – and people die – in the streets of Kiev and other Ukrainian cities. In retrospect, given the divide in that troubled country between those who ‘look East’ to Russia and those who aspire to ‘look West’ to Europe, I should not have been too surprised. An outbreak of protest, rioting and opposition would inevitably provoke a heavy-handed response from the authorities. We can but hope that calm and compromise prevent a calamitous descent into death and destruction.

 I imagine there are many occasions in writing where ‘fiction’ anticipates ‘fact’. Perhaps writers have the imaginative faculty to learn from history in a way that governments and politicians cannot – or will not.

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