BBC – Why do you self destruct radio interviews!

Posted: February 23, 2014 in Posts on books and writing, Posts on life and stuff
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Did a radio interview on BBC Radio West Midlands about my latest book ‘IN IT FOR THE MONEY. I sat in the radio studio, put the earphones on back to front! But hey, kids do that all the time with visor (baseball?) caps. Radio WM interviewer Danny Kelly was excellent.

I want to put the recording on my website – but BBC self destruct radio recordings after 7 days! Why? Do they do that kind of sh** in USA?

So…I’ve got an old fashioned tape cassette recorder, (never throw away old technology). I played and recorded the interview. (No copyright infringements). Now a mate of mine is converting that on to a flash drive/memory stick – then on to my computer and website!. Sorry, people, you might yet have to listen to my Irish brogue…(btw what do you call those “flash” devices?).

  1. Lucybird says:

    I think you can call those flash things flash drives, or USB sticks, or memory sticks

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