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I’ve been answering questions on Goodreads and I thought I’d share them with others here.  I hope you will contact me here or via Goodreads with your questions and comments please. Thanks, Tom
Power pole down blocks Railway Place Coburg
Power pole down blocks Railway Place Coburg (Photo credit: Gavin Anderson)
Tom Bryson I don’t suffer from the dreaded WB. I think that’s because of my approach to novel-writing. Once I have the nugget of an idea I write a short 2 – 4 pages outline of the book. I develop character profiles for the main and some minor characters. From that I write short scene summaries – not all, I leave a lot or room for the story to breathe. Now I write my first draft. Then I rewrite, rewrite, edit, edit!
Because I have a plan to follow I find the words soon flow. I suspect if I didn’t do this I’d probably hit a brick wall and become demotivated. I know many writers detest the idea of outlining, planning, etc considering it stifles the creative juices. I understand that – but I’ll stick with my tried and tested method – no WB that way. Hope that helps!
Tom Bryson I’m revising a novel I wrote a while back titled BLOOD RED RABBIT. The story is about ordinary people who become extraordinary in the face of great traumas and life shattering experiences. Set in Northern Ireland, the story is about redemption and love across the sectarian divide in a post ‘Peace Agreement’ era when past grievances still haunt the present. I hope to finish it later this year. Please check out my website for details.
Thanks, Tom
Tom Bryson From news articles. To research IN IT FOR THE MONEY I set up Google alerts on match/spot fixing, cricket, football corruption. However, the sporting context is a backcloth to show relationships in a crime thriller.  Those who detest sport especially after a summer fest of World Cup and other events can rest assured – this book will not add to your misery but give you a good crime thriller read!

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Newspapers B&W (2) (Photo credit: NS Newsflash)