Disturbing book? Yes, and a great read!

Sometimes you read a book that unnerves you and tilts your way of seeing the world. This latest book I’ve reviewed on Goodreads and Amazon affected me that way. An intriguing read. I think my review will explain how I felt. I gave it four stars – the story is excellent, characterisation very good, fast paced and gripping. In parts I felt the writing was a little clichéd and disjointed – but that didn’t detract from the sheer force of the storytelling.

For aspiring and established writers this book shows how you can grip, engage and absorb the reader.

Here’s my review of “The Cleansing” by Danielle Tara Evans:

“The Cleansing’ is a fast-paced read and truly dystopian novel that follows the desperate attempts by the two young American protagonists, Annie and John, to escape ruthless military enforcers of the dictator Julian. A married couple, Annie and John’s characters are well fleshed out and the predicaments and challenges they face, expose their respective strengths and weaknesses.
Danielle Tara Evans’ story is in many ways disturbing yet thought provoking. Conventional presumptions about the ‘good guys’ and the ‘bad guys’ are turned on their heads. A series of world wide catastrophic environmental disasters is blamed on the US. Now who are the upholders of morality and justice? A US Government dictatorship? Who are the terrorists? Ordinary Americans facing genocide?
This book is a compulsive ‘what happens next’ page turner. There is despair and a sense of overwhelming hopelessness that make it a tough read – yet a glimmer of hope prevails at the end…well worth a read. “


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