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Welcome to my novels page.

I write crime/thriller novels.

I write so that you can have a great read; that’s all I hope for.



My new CRIME THRILLER NOVEL ‘NO WAY OUT’ is now available from amazon.

No. 3 in the DCI Matt Proctor crime thriller series.

To get sample or buy print book click here or for ebook click here



What’s it about?

Trapped in their own minds they must follow cult leader Gabriel Omoto – but to where and what? What “evil things” terrify young cult member Adele so much she won’t dare speak of them?

Cop Matt Proctor faces big problems – he needs to get out of a rut and take on a huge new challenge. Is he up to it? Or is the price too high?
Then there’s his spirited daughter Sarah to contend with – maybe too much a “chip off the old block”.  

A fast-paced thriller with many twists and turns and a gripping climax. The third in the DCI Matt Proctor series works as a stand-alone crime thriller. 

“Another cracker from Tom Bryson”

My CRIME THRILLER NOVEL ‘IN IT FOR THE MONEY’ is available from amazon.

No. 2 in THE DCI Matt Proctor crime thriller series.

To sample or buy print book click here or for ebook click here


What’s it about?

‘IN IT FOR THE MONEY’: Brum/Black Country cop  Proctor investigates murder, match and spot fixing – and he needs to ‘fix’ his personal life!

Once again featuring Birmingham based DCI Matt Proctor, whose murder investigations take him into the deadly world of sport’s criminal gambling syndicates.

‘IN IT FOR THE MONEY’ is deadly topical!




My CRIME THRILLER NOVEL ‘TOO SMART TO DIE’ is available from amazon.

No. 1 in THE DCI Matt Proctor crime thriller series.

To sample or buy the ebook click here or for print book click here


hunter pointing rifle in blaze orange gear

What’s it about?

Cop Matt Proctor, investigating a gruesome murder, is charged with drug dealing corruption and kicked out of the police. He fights to clear his name while hunting down a cyberworld cult that brings killing from computer gaming to the streets – who target Proctor and stalk his daughter Sarah as their next victims.

He also has relationship issues with police colleague Inspector Azzra Mukherjee..


Political thriller SARCOPHAGUS   


To sample or buy  Print book click here or for Ebook click here 

What’s it about?

British Army bomb disposal expert Greg Stevens is reunited with old friend Sean O’Neil, a US Homeland Security operative when they join forces to combat Ukrainian Mafioso oligarch Bogdan Katchenko – and corrupt politicians – to stop a 9/11 plus terrorist attack.

Conflicting forces put their friendship under extreme strain. What comes first – your country; or you and your family’s lives?’

A thriller about torn loyalties, political corruption, corporate greed and rediscovering love.


‘Is it a Flying Pig or a Zeppelin?’

The Zeppelin of Kinver Edge is now available as a photo illustrated short story booklet and ebook. 

Zepp cover BCBugle

In 1916 bombs dropped on England; read my fictional account of young Harry Foley’s terror and his ultimate life triumph.

To sample or buy print or ebook click here 


 Listen to my radio broadcast discussion on E-books v. Print books – click audio link here


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